About Alliance

The goal of IASP BRICS is to implement decisions adopted by the Union within the framework of the main congresses, aggregate-comprehensive economic, social and cultural development of economies of the participating countries. Among the main tasks and areas of the alliance:
  • Synchronization and unification of the actions of public organizations, business structures, scientific and cultural circles of BRICS and BRICS+ countries
  • Promoting international socio-economic development, the introduction of social and technological innovation
  • Strengthening the national security of the participating countries and global world security in general
The presence of direct contacts with the highest leadership of the BRICS countries and the leading representatives of their business communities, as well as direct connections with the Chamber of Industrial and Industry and associations of industrialists and entrepreneurs, allows you to effectively solve the tasks.
The alliance actively represents and protects the interests of participating organizations. Our team are professionals with many years of experience in the field of diplomacy, economics and social sphere. We are able to quickly solve any practical tasks of international projects.
BRICS Business Council 2017 Annual Meeting, Shanghai, China
The Autonomous Non -Profit Organization of the International Strategic Strategic Project Alliance was established on February 29, 2016 with the active support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and a number of government institutions
Our task is to create a territory of support for civilian initiative
L. N. Zelentsova
President IASP BRICS
The issues of evaluating the relevance of projects, the methods of solving current and future problems, forecasting, etc. are resolved on our site — all this is an occasion to support state structures and the path to the development of society based on real results and civilian initiatives that strengthen the federal government and Creative international cooperation.

  • Science and technology
    We provide transfer of technologies and their adaptation, including expertise, both at the level of academies of sciences and applied projects
  • Business club
    We support any business that meets the principles of BRICS — from private entrepreneurs to large corporations — at the international level
  • Education and Russian
    We help educational and educational projects, as well as help in promoting the Russian language — in Russia and abroad
  • Sport
    We develop sports cooperation in the BRICS space and help any specialized projects in the field of sports and development of health
  • Information Technology
    We provide support in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property for IT projects of any scale
  • Civil society
    Created and support the discussion platform to search for solutions of complex political, social and business
  • Culture
    We are actively involved in the promotion of the development of cultures of the participating countries BRICS, both within the framework of official events and point
  • Ruslan Kertanov
    Vice President for cooperation with the State Legislative and Executive authorities of the Russian Federation
  • Gennady Rusin
    Vice President for culture and intercultural coorepation
  • Dr. Sultan Bin Mutlaq.M. Alajmi
    Vice President
  • Tatyana Sukhach
    Vice President for international affairs
  • Maxim Darovsky

    Vice President, Representative Plenipotentiary in China
  • Alexandra Tishchenko

    Vice President for small and medium business projects
  • Alisa Nemchenko
    Vice President for international cooperation
  • Ali Mazukabzov
    Vice President for economic cooperation
  • Askhab Indarbaev

    Vice President for Strategic Development

  • Ilona Ilyasova

    Director of the Department of Intercultural Communications

  • Petr Titov
    Vice President for science
  • Elena Bukina
    Vice President, Representative Plenipotentiary in the EECO and CIS countries
  • Don Mello Ahoua
    Vice President
  • Evgeny Efremov
    Vice President
  • Alexander Savoysky
    Vice President for China
  • Salbiev Alan
    Vice President for International Technology Cooperation
  • Grigory Koshelev
  • Andrey Ogievskiy
    Advisor on Culture to the President
  • Dmitry Ditts
    Vice President
  • Albert Zhukov
    Vice President for interaction with international organizations
  • Alexander Shilov
    Director of the department of cultural relations
  • Ekaterina Mochnaya
    Counsellor for cultural projects
  • Pavel Nefedov
    General Director of International alliance of BRICS strategic projects' media holding
    "BRICS Planet" (Dubai, UAE)
  • Gilberto Ramos
    Vice President, Brazil

  • Monyane Moleleki

    Representative, Kingdom of Lesotho

  • Sonia Khan
    Director for culture and intercultural engagement, India
  • Sanjay Kapoor
    Managing Director, India
  • Manju Reddy
    Director for event management, India
  • Jiang Yanbing
    Representative, China
  • Wang Baoai
    Vice President, People's Republic of China;
    Chairman of the Committee on Traditional Medicine
  • Mdluli Musavenkosi Eslom
    Representative, South Africa
  • Paul Rogers
    Representative for culture, South Africa
  • Alexander Loschenov
    Representative, Eastern Africa
  • Kahinda Otafiire
    Representative, Uganda
  • Cristalianto Googus
    Representative, Indonesia
  • Millan Reyes
    Representative, Colombia
  • Galya Majig
    Representative, Mongolia
  • Dada Olawale Olabode
    Representative, Nigeria
  • Prince Eddie Igumira

    Deputy Representative, East Africa

  • Mohamed Bachir Ladan
    Head of Communication and Media for the BRICS International Alliance in West ad Central Africa
  • Mohamed Hussein Mohamed
    Representative, Somalia
  • Sidaya Indira Savitree
    Representative, Mauritius
  • Victor De Gouveia
    Representative, Republic of South Africa
  • Charlize Lin
    Representative, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China
  • Mengesha Woldegeberal
    Representative, Ethiopia
  • Thaocharean Meechai
    Representative, Thailand
  • Akallal Karim
    Representative, Kingdom of Morocco
  • Emine Atasoy
    Representative, Republic of Türkiye
  • Ousavanh Thiengthepvongsa
    Representative, Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Doue Tai Henri
    Representative, Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
  • Guisse Kalidou
    Representative, Republic of Senegal