Projects of IASP BRICS in the world and regions

Service, Education
Education in Russia
The alliance actively helps foreign applicants get a quality education in Russia, and our service will allow you to get all the necessary information online
Association, Games
International mind sports Federation
IMSF BRICS combines interest in the most popular intellectual games of the BRICS countries: GO, Xiantsi, Chess, Pachisi, Checkers, Fatum
Association, Sport
Sports development center
Sports cooperation at the cost of BRICS+ is one of the priority areas of development of international projects
In order to get the support of the alliance, the project must correspond to the global goals and current objectives of the organization. All projects are being verified by the alliance directorate, and can also undergo an expert assessment of one of the specialized partners.

We are open for dialogue with any project initiators, while in order to increase the efficiency of BRICS, we convincingly ask to use the application system for the project within our platform. In case of active participation, applying for consultations and multiple submission of applications, the applicant of the project should be the current founder or partner.