Forum of Economic and Social Council

The partnership forum of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of 2023 will take place on January 31, 2023, in parallel with the Council Coordination Setrment, within the framework of the main theme of the 2023 eco -os and a high-level political forum (PVA) “Acceleration of the recovery of post-bronaviral disease (Covid-19 ) and the full implementation of the agenda in the field of sustainable development for the period until 2030 at all levels. ”
The Partnership forum ECOSOC in 2023 will be devoted to the exchange of new ideas, expectations and priorities regarding the upcoming work of ECOSOC and PFVU on this topic. The 2023 Ecosos partnership forum will also demonstrate and discuss how promising actions and innovative partnerships created by countries and all relevant interested parties can mobilize obligations and actions to promote the agenda for the period until 2030 and solving new problems.
In accordance with the A/RES/75/290A document, the ECOSOC partnership will take part in the United Nations, including international financial institutions, as well as international organizations, parliamentarians, local authorities, non -governmental organizations, private sector, civil society, Scientists, scientific circles, women, youth and other interested parties.
To prepare for the partnership forum, a global online consultation of interested parties is created to obtain appropriate written opinions, experience and proposals from all interested parties, and their widespread use before the event. The results of the consultations will also serve as the basis for preparation for the summit on the achievement of the 2023 CUR, which will be held in September next year.
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