Media Holding «BRICS Planet»

On the initiative of the International Alliance of -Strategic Projects BRICS in the city of Dubai, the UAE was created by the «BRICS Planet» media holding. Among the main tasks of the holding media is the combination of large media holdings of the BRICS holdings, friends and partners of the BRICS countries on a single digital platform, as well as the creation of a new, exclusive content in the international cooperation of the manufacturing companies of the BRICS countries and the BRICS friends countries.
President AISP BRICS Zelentsova Larisa Nikolaevna and General Director of the «BRICS Planet» media holding Nefyodov Pavel Viktorovich sign a memorandum of mutual understanding and joint work.
Founders of the «BRICS Planet» media holding (from left to right): Pavel Nefedov, Ebrahim H. Zabet, Larisa Zelentsova, Andrey Chernyshov, Shanan Zamir.
Alliance Structure