Investments in Guangdun-Kong Kong-Makao

On December 5, 2022, in the Commercial Chamber of the city of Moscow, the vice-president of the international alliance of strategic projectors BRICS, Bukina Elena Anatolyevna, took part at the Global Conference for Investment in the Gulf region of the Gulf of Guangdong-Kong-Makao.
Forum on the organization of bilateral partnership of Guangdun-Russia in the field of electronics and electronic household appliances. " At the opening of the conference, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Russian Federation and other participants in the forum by China and Russia entered.
Online performances of representatives of business and industry of China took place. Russian businessmen learned about the possibility of cooperation with China, with a banking system working with China at present. Air carriers from the Russian side were presented, interested in cooperation with the PRC. Rostec Corporations and Rosatom spoke about their technologies and the possibility of cooperation. Actual issues of microelectronics and the production of chips and their supply to the Russian Federation were affected.
The head of the Society of Russian-Chinese Friendship, Sanakoev Sergey Feliksovich, noted the relevance of friendship and cooperation of Russia and China!
The President of the Union of Russian-Huandun Entrepreneurs, Jan Danish, spoke about the possibility of cooperation and creation of exhibition centers in China for Russian businessmen. The forum helps to create a bridge for the interaction of China and Russia!
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