New BRICS bodies for interaction with the market

At the United Center for BRICS business cooperation, a group of project implementation (hydraulic fracturing) “Association of Digital Transformation of the BRICS” was created, headed by Oksana Lozitskaya, CEO of Relex Real Estate (recently signed an agreement with the global trade and logistics platform of the New Silk Road Brics, which released it on world exchanges 1st cryptocurrency BRICS, on the use of cryptocurrencies as an investment tool for the implementation of the construction of a seaport in Vietnam).
Oksana Lozitskaya has a huge track record, including such positions as the chairman of the Oil and Gas Complex Commission of the Union State, the Belprombank top manager, the founder of the SNNSE system in the Global Bank of Digital Transformation, as well as the author of the new payment system, and systematization Processes ”,“ New financial system ”, etc.
It is planned that the created hydraulic fracturing will eventually transform into a separate legal entity, as the Association “IT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies of BRICS” did, where the new director Vadim Koryakov recently took office.
According to Oleg Sobolev, the head of the Association, Vadim has great organizational and administrative work experience (headed various companies, public organizations) and good education (International Academy of Exchange Trade, specialty: analysis of financial markets and financial asset trade; The Open University, specialty: financial Management and PC; Volga University named after Tatishcheva, specialty: computing machines, complexes, systems and networks, Holmes Colleges in Sydney, Australia) and large ambitions to develop projects of BRICS countries.
At the BRICS financial association, a project for the project (hydraulic fracturing) “Brics Digital Bank” was created with headquarters in Switzerland, headed by Alexander Samarin (Bank Chairman of the Board), who previously held the posts of the main corporate architect African Development Bank Group, corporate corporate Architect "Republic and Canton Geneva" (Switzerland), IT coordinator for the production of ISO standards Central Secretariat Geneva (Switzerland), etc.
According to Alexander Samarin, the hydraulic fracturing will be transformed into a financial enterprise with a headquarters in Switzerland, working with digital currencies and cryptocurrencies of the BRICS countries.
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