MMA festival in India

At the invitation of the Indian side, a team of athletes from Russia in the framework of the International Sports Development Center in Russia, which has already begun work, will take part at the Indian side in a sporting event. The founder of this Center is the International Alliance of Strategic Projects BRICS. Assistance in the organization, conducting the specified and other measures is provided by the Consulate General of Russia in India.
The development of sports cooperation in the space of BRICS and friendly states is one of the priority areas of the work of our organization - the BRICS international strategic alliance.
Against the backdrop of the removal of our athletes from participating in many international tournaments, our work in the indicated format will bring significant benefits, since sports events are the most important tool for positive interaction and cooperation between states, societies, people and determine the filling of these relations with real fruitful content.
We invite interested parties to cooperation.
Alliance Sport