India Fest - the holiday of spring (holi and Shrovetide)

March 19, 2023 14.00-18.00 In the Moscow House of Nationalities, the event "India Fest - the holiday of Spring (Holi and Shrovetide)" will be held. The press conference will be held on March 15, 2023 at 15.00 at ul. New Basmannaya, 4/1 m. Red gates.
The organizer of the event is the NP "Russian-Dinsky Friendship Society" (Disha) with the support of the cultural center named after Dzhavaharlala Nehru at the Embassy of India in Moscow and the Moscow House of Nationality.

The purpose of the event:

- The meeting of spring, through the celebration of the traditional holidays of two cultures - holi and Shrovetide.
- exchange of the cultural and creative heritage of Russia and India;
- Association of connoisseurs of India and Russia and various Russian-Indian cultural organizations.

The main program of the event:

- conducting master classes (Indian dances, yoga, music);
- painting of the hands of henna and ranking (drawing on the floor from the petals);
- Presentation of the Ustyuzh painting;
- Presentation of the magazine "Disha";
- documentary films about India;
- festive concert;
- Indian treats and pancakes.
Non-profit partnership "Society of Russian-Indian Friendship" Disha "-a new bridge between Russia and India. In the fall of 2010, it was decided to create the “Society of the Russian-Indian Friendship“ Dish ”in Russia, Moscow, whose purpose is to establish partnerships and cultural ties between its members and peoples of Russia and India. The creation of “disha” is aimed at promoting cultural, creative, academic, economic and social ties through their activities between the peoples of the two countries.
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