Day of the Republic of India

On January 26, India celebrates the national holiday of the Republic Day. We sincerely congratulate the people of India on this wonderful holiday!
This national holiday was introduced in India in 1950 and is celebrated annually. On this day, the Indian people notes the adoption of the Constitution of the state and the transition of the country from the status of the British dominion to the republic.
India proclaimed its independence from Great Britain on August 15, 1947. The Day of the Republic is celebrated throughout the country with special solemnity. As a rule, festive processions are organized in Delhi, as well as in the capitals of all states.
In Delhi, the festive procession takes place along the Central Prospekt Raj Path from the Presidential Palace to the gates of India. The procession is formed by colorfully designed platforms, multi -thousandth spectators gather. The columns of schoolchildren, scouts, folk dancers, orchestras also participate in it.
The Day of the Republic is a holiday to which various kinds of festivals of folk dances and music, theatrical performances and other cultural events are timed. In Delhi in the days, directly following the January 26, the national stadium arranges a two -day festival of folk dancing, in which representatives of almost all states of India participate.
Ordinary people warmly celebrate the Day of the Republic. They go to visit each other, visit the entertainment.
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