World Championship and Seguna Caulo Carate in IKKF 2022 armor

In this symbolic event in the world of martial arts, held under the auspices of the International Karate Federation in armor, more than 300 athletes from 10 countries will take part, including Algeria, Tunisia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Kazakhstan.
Special guests are the national teams of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Russian team will be represented by the strongest regional teams.
In the sports program, which includes personal and command kumite (fights), the best representatives of this area of ​​martial art will take part and will play more than 300 medals in various age and weight categories among children, youth, adults and veterans.
Conducting the World Cup and the IKKF 2022 Cup, will undoubtedly give a powerful impetus for the development of international sports, popularize martial arts and strengthen friendship between peoples.
  • Email: / Tel. +7 985 922 96 50 (for applications for participation),
  • Email: / tel. +7 905 707 93 79 (media accreditation).
Reference about the IFCK:
  • The International Karate Federation in Armor (IFCK) is the largest international organization of sports knockout karate using unique protective equipment (helmet and protector to protect the body), which includes more than 40 countries.
  • In Japan, the IFCC exclusively cooperates with the All -Japanese Federation. The IFCK promotes Karate in armor - a universal competition system available to representatives of any karate styles and areas of shock martial arts. Under the auspices of the IFCK, international competitions are held annually, including European and World Championships.
  • President of the IFCK-Sergey Fedotkin (Russia), vice president-Hiroki Imai (Japan).
  • The IFCK seeks to promote Karate in armor as an independent sport and achieve recognition by leading international organizations in the field of sports and martial arts.
Reference about karate in armor:
  • Karate in armor originated in 1927 in Japan. The founder of this area of ​​martial arts is the BEDEO (1904-1990), who was born in the Vakaiama Prefecture, who later became the 49th Minister of Finance of Japan, who, when he was at the University of Tokyo, first began to use protective equipment during Kumite practice, with the aim Achievements of the reality of the battle and, at the same time, a high level of training safety.
  • In 2017, the International Karate Federation was founded in armor. In 2021, the Segun Cup was established - the first professional tournament according to the Rules "Karate in Pro -Perekh". In 2022, in order to develop, popularize and unite fans around the world, an International Karate Day was established in armor.
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