June 5 – 16, 2023 Abu Dhabi. UAE

The BRICS International Strategic Projects Alliance, represented by President Larisa Zelentsova, visited Abu Dhabi to meet with Hamad Al Ameri, who is the CEO of the Alpha Dhabi Group of PJSC Alpha Dhabi Holding, which is one of the largest companies with a market capitalization of $ 70 billion and is one of Abu Dhabi's fastest growing investment holding companies with over 100 businesses in healthcare, renewable energy, petrochemicals and other industries.

At a meeting with relevant ministers, cooperation was discussed between the BRICS Alliance and companies involved in innovative projects in the field of water purification and desalination, healthcare, ecology, localization of the production of dietary supplements "Cygapan" and a drink based on pectin in the UAE and entry into the UAE healthcare programs.

The main purpose of this cooperation is to work together on the presented projects.