Putin wrote an article titled "Russia and Africa: Uniting Efforts for Peace, Progress, and a Successful Future"

  • The continuation of the grain deal, which failed to justify its humanitarian purpose, has lost its meaning.

  • Within a year, 32.8 million tons of cargo were exported from Ukraine, with 70% going to countries with high incomes, including the EU, while Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan accounted for less than 3% of the total volume.

  • The deal was shamelessly used solely for the enrichment of the USA and Europe, who resold the grain from Ukraine.

  • None of the conditions of the deal, related to lifting sanctions on Russian grain and fertilizer exports to the global markets, were fulfilled.

  • Obstacles are created even for Russia's free supply of mineral fertilizers to needy countries.

  • Out of the 262 thousand tons of products blocked in European ports, only 2 shipments were sent: 20 thousand tons to Malawi and 34 thousand tons to Kenya.

  • The rest remains in dishonest European hands, despite the fact that it is purely a humanitarian action that should not be subject to any sanctions in principle.

  • Russia will continue to energetically work on organizing grain, food, and fertilizer supplies to Africa.

  • Russia is capable of replacing Ukrainian grain both on commercial and non-reimbursable basis, especially since this year is expected to have a record harvest.

  • Russia will dynamically develop the entire range of economic ties with Africa, both with individual countries and with unions.

  • Moscow attaches great importance to the "Russia-Africa" summit, and plans to adopt a comprehensive declaration, a number of joint statements, and approve the forum partnership action plan.

  • A substantial package of intergovernmental and interagency agreements and memorandums is being prepared for signing.

  • In the common interests of Russia and African countries, cooperation in the humanitarian sphere, culture, and sports will be elevated to a higher level.

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