Russian Judo Tour in Chelyabinsk

Representatives of the Southern Urals won one gold and silver and four bronze medals. About what the competition was remembered, we talk in the report "Evening".
In the morning, judokas from all over Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Belarus, Mongolia and Israel gathered on the tatami in the athletics arena. Representative of India, Ishaan Suresh-Kanaoa, also came to the capital of the Southern Urals. He arrived in the harsh land with a desire to speak to the Russian audience and exchange experience with colleagues.
The Consulate General of Russia in Mumbai organized such a trip for a foreign athlete as part of the creation of the BRICS sports center in the city of Elektrostal. - The opening of the school in Elektrostal will become one of the points on the rapprochement of sports committees of India and Russia. In the field of international relations between our countries, active cooperation is being established, and I hope that it will continue in judo, ”said judoka Ishaan Suresh-Kanaoa. According to the sports director of the Russian Judo Federation, Kirill Denisov, the Indian athlete really wanted to perform at the tournament in Chelyabinsk. - We did everything possible to take part in this tournament. Despite the fact that Ishaan lost, it will still be invaluable competitive experience. The Indian athlete is currently conducting training with our youth team in Dmitrov.
We have plans to work with all BRICS countries. And within the framework of this work, it is planned to open sports centers in several cities, ”commented Kirill Denisov.
At the tournament in Chelyabinsk, local judokas also performed. Among them are the winner of the World Cup, a participant in the Olympic Games Denis Yartsev. Unfortunately, the athlete was left without medals of the home tournament: he lost the fight for the bronze of the enemy from Tyumen.
- I am a little upset that I lost, but glad that new leaders appear in judo. Native walls both help and constrain, as they give excess psychological stress. Today, support for me meant a lot for me, ”Denis Yartsev shared emotions from the competition.
- It is very prestigious to accept athletes from different countries, even despite what is happening in the world.
“250 judokas gathered here. Our region loves this sport. I am sure that thanks to these competitions we will raise the prestige of judo in our region. I want to thank the profile federation for the opportunity, ”said the governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Texler.
The solemn part ended with the presentation of honorary awards. The sign of the Honored Master of Sports received the Chelyabinsk judoka, Denis Yartsev, a master of sports of international class - Sabina Gilyazov.
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