Alliance BRICS for CAR

In all deep admiration in the presence of members of the Central African Government, couldn’t swallow her feelings but to declare again this time especially in the presence of the minister of foreign affairs, Sylvie BAIPO and a Huge representation of the Central African government officials, Larissa opened up that her coming to the Central African capital, Bangui for a second time as representative for the BRICS in Bangui is the Capital of BRICS Alliance for Central Africa is another landmark seal of the 21st century.
Making reminiscence of the past, she reminded in her speech today April 11th, 2023 in front of the Central Africxan presidency slightly after a long discussion with the country, His Excellency president professor Faustin Archange Touadera that 4 months ago, that your devoted Minister Georges GOUGOUEI assisted us both at a distance and in Moscow last month to identify partners and preliminary discussions that enable us to be with you with the economic operators here. 7 major projects are carried by operators here present who themselves ensure the financing in public-private partnership mode or in direct investment without impact on the debt:
  1. An energy project. With the help of Minister Georges GOUGOUEI, we have chosen the mini nuclear power plants proposed by Russia, which have the advantage of rapid implementation with significant energy production and minimal risks, as well as the choice of solar kits for households and public buildings.
  2. A gold mining and refining project.
  3. A telecommunication and remote sensing satellite infrastructure for mining, agricultural and urban resource assessment and preparation for the transition to a digital economy and currency.
  4. A BRICS country bank to facilitate trade.
  5. The modernisation and expansion of the airport
  6. The railway to open up the area
  7. The new town
The implementation of projects aimed at a decent living environment, the opening up of the country in terms of physical and digital infrastructure as well as mining industries and basic services, is done according to the country's vision and in line with the BRICS Alliance for Africa strategic plan. This strategic vision is itself drawn from the African Union's Agenda 2063 with the support of an African consultancy firm to ensure that the win-win principle is considered, the transition from a primary to a secondary economy, the promotion of African expertise and entrepreneurship.
To accelerate the implementation of projects and scientific, technical and technological appropriation, we would like to see, as several African countries have done in accelerating infrastructure development, the establishment of a joint steering committee and a pool of national experts capable of assisting the steering committee for the rapid implementation of projects.
The speed of project implementation will be proportional to the quantity, quality and diversity of this pool of experts in a framework certified to international standards.
We are witnessing the great tipping point of the world and the African continent. The Central African Republic, which is already playing the card of sovereignty, can only be the friend of all and the enemy of none in order to make the most of a multipolar world under construction.
We are convinced that the roadmap of sovereignty and pan-Africanism is being written on the banks of the Ubangi River so that the African continent can be an autonomous pole in a multipolar world, and we must seize the opportunity of the BRICS to accelerate the march of history of the country, the sub-region and the continent.
You are certainly the President of the Central African Republic, but you are also the hope of an entire continent that has the capacity to produce and transform on its soil everything it imports and exports today.
It is crucial to indicate that the strategic implication or interest of the BRICS in Africa sets out to strengthen as well as, fortify the position of South Africa as a leading regional power or influence and a access for other BRICS nations to the African market. As the BRICS are consolidating and amalgamating their positions in Africa through massive and substantial investments and ventures, this appears to design and create a new birthplace and source of development funding or subsidy for the African continent.”
There is the big question as per why such a sudden swift or BRICS engagement in Africa, particularly the case with the Central African Republic, in economic operations especially with the case of the Central African Republic in modern times. Important to indicate that the BRICS are now Africa’s largest trading partners with trade expected to scope out or reach more than US $500 billion by 2015, with 60 per cent from China. It may not be polite to say out rightly that the Central African Republic has suffered decades of wars that rendered the country extremely vulnerable and ranked the second least developed as per UN statistics. Many international organizations have withdrawn funding that could help the country take a new and stronger stance for sustainable development.
In many attempts in wanting to stabilize its economy, the Central African government could stray its people but to open up to other horizons, reasons for being part as well as, a member of the BRICS. The BRICS are also becoming significant and meaningful investors in Africa, especially in the manufacturing, industrialized and service sectors. With reverence to foreign direct investment, BRICS countries have braced their presence on the continent compared with traditional partners, such as the U.S. and Europe. In 2010, for example, the BRICS’ share in FDI interior stock and FDI entries to Africa stretched 14 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively. The share of BRICS countries in the total value of African out-of-town or greenfield projects grasped 25 per cent in 2012 compared with 19 per cent in 2003. Trade between the BRICS and Africa rose to as much as US $340 billion in 2012 –10 times higher than the value documented or recorded in 2002. Presently, the BRICS trade more with Africa than they do among themselves.
The outcome of the meeting in the Central African Republic is still on standby.
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