JULY 2023 DURBAN. South Africa

On the eve of the 15th BRICS summit in the period from 10.07.2023. to 15.07.2023 in Durban, South Africa, the Autonomous non-profit organization for the promotion of international relations within the BRICS group "International Alliance for Strategic Projects BRICS" (ANO "MASP BRICS") is holding the International Conference and Exhibition SARUCOX (South Africa - Russia Conferences and Exhibitions) - BRICS INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE 2023.

The international conference and exhibition SARUCOX - BRICS INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE 2023 is organized by ANO "MASP BRICS", the Representative Office of ANO "MASP BRICS" in South Africa with the support of the Government of the Republic of South Africa, is aimed at popularizing sports, in particular football, developing relations between South Africa, countries BRICS and African countries. In the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the Spartak Durban Sports Academy (NPC) was opened, which is based at the Curries Fountain stadium, and is also the organizer of the event.

Since its inception in 2011, the SARUCOX conference has developed significantly and now brings together permanent international participants. In 2023, the SARUCOX - BRICS INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE event package includes themes: maritime transport, health, education and sports.

Experts will share knowledge and experience and discuss their synergy with the digital world. The main objective of the event is to find ways of international cooperation in modern conditions.