Russia at the MMA festival in India

Competitions will be held from December 15 to 18 in Mumbai. A team from Russia will participate in the mixed martial arts (MMA) festival, which will be held from December 15 to 18 in Indian Mumbai. This was reported on Monday by the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Mumbai Alexei Surovtsev.
“The Consulate General of Russia in Mumbai is actively working on the promotion and development of sports ties both between Russia and India, and within the framework of international organizations. At the invitation of the Indian side, the team from Russia will take part in the mixed martial arts scheduled for December 15-18, ”the diplomat said.
As part of the festival, the India Championship in MMA will be held. “Russian athletes will take part in the team tournament of this championship,” said Surovtsev. According to him, the International Center for Sports Development BRICS in Russia, which has already begun work, will be organized by the organization of the arrival of a delegation from the Russian Federation.
The Russian General Consul recalled that at the final stage there is the process of creating the BRICS sports center on the basis of infrastructure in Yekaterinburg, Sochi and Elektrostal with the support of the BRICS international alliance of strategic projects.
“Cooperation in the field of mixed martial arts is one of the priorities taking into account the development of the specified sport in Russia and in India. In the part concerning judo, the practical implementation of ideas is carried out in close cooperation with the leadership of the Judo Russian Federation and the administration of Elektrostal, ”said Surovtsev.

Promotion of martial arts in India

In October, the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai and the State Corporation of VEB.RF have spent a week of judo in India. “This event caused a wide resonance in the Indian sports community. The next step was the organization of training camps for the candidate for the Olympic team of India, Ishaan Canojia in Elektrostal, Kirzhach and Dmitrov, as well as his participation in the Russian Judo Tour stage in Chelyabinsk with the support of the Judo Federation of Russia, ”said Surovtsev.
Earlier, Kanojia told TASS that he chose the Russian Federation to prepare for participation in the Olympic Games, since Russia is “one of the leading countries when it comes to preparing the great world champions and the Olympiads, and not only in judo.” According to him, “Russia has established a very high bar for all types of martial arts and martial arts,” and the opportunity to train under the leadership of Russian experts will give him the opportunity to “explore himself for further perfection in order to get closer to several steps to the Olympic dream.”
New Delhi, November 21. /TASS/
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