Alliance and Yuneko on the forum

The International Economic Forum of the CIS member states is held in conjunction with the CIS Economic Council.
The International Economic Forum of the CIS member states is an authoritative annual platform for an open dialogue between entrepreneurs and representatives of the first persons of the CIS countries with the possibility of developing and making balanced decisions, a better understanding of each other's interests, the formation of long-term partnerships, obtaining feedback and planning steps for the development of general economic The spaces of the Commonwealth.
Given the complex geopolitical and economic situation in the world, the dialogue between the CIS countries, the EAEU, the SCO and the BRICS is more relevant than ever. In this regard, the results of the forum will become an expert opinion of business and integration associations on the upcoming calls. The results of the forum and transcript will traditionally be released in the form of a book and sent to interested parties.
The forum was attended by Deputy Prime Ministers of the CIS countries, senior employees of ministries of economic development, finance, industry and trade, representatives of authorities, chamber of commerce, industry associations and banking communities, entrepreneurs of the CIS participants.
The State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Dmitry Fedorovich Mezentsev and the director of the Yuneko Foundation, Sergei Aleksandrovich Sizarev, in dialogue affected the issues of the problems of the ecology of the Union State and the Arctic.
BRICS Meeting