SARUCOX-2022 is tolerated

International Forum Sarucox (SA-South Africa, RU-Russia, CO-cooperation, x-exhibitions) -Brics alliance (international alliance of strategic projects BRICS)-these are joint iconic events BRICS and South Africa
In connection with the aggravated military-political situation in the world, it was decided to postpone the deadlines for the event in Durban, approximately, at the end of November 2022. Refined dates of the event will be published later.
The International Forum Sarucox (SA-South Africa, RU-Russia, CO-cooperation, x-exhibitions) -Brics alliance (international alliance of strategic projects BRICS) is joint iconic events of BRICS and South Africa.
Events are called upon to unite business representatives, public organizations, state authorities, experts of various industries, media and the general public from South Africa, Africa, participating countries BRICS and the whole world. The forum has been held on the initiative of the International Strategic Projects of BRICS (Alliance BRICS) since 2018 and first took place in Delhi (India).
SARUCOX-2022 will take place in the year of China’s chairmanship in BRICS. The event will be attended by Vice President of South Africa Mr. David Mabuz.
The International Forum Sarucox-Brics Alliance 2022 will be held in Durban (South Africa) in a format that combines elements of personal and virtual presence, so participants can visit it regardless of where they are.
The Sarucox-Brics Alliance 2022 Forum is a platform for interaction on topical issues of an international agenda with discussions and project demonstrations, including proposals for the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.
The mission of the forum consists in the promotion of the formation of social cohesion and the provision of a platform for a dialogue between representatives of healthcare, education, culture, sports, power, business, state and private enterprises, as well as the general public will have a significant impact on the sustainable development of many countries of the world.
According to a representative of the BRICS International Strategic Assistance Alliance in South Africa Musavenkosi MDLuli, the International Forum Sarucox-Brics Alliance 2022 will become a historical milestone in the development of the BRICS format and cooperation within the framework of the alliance. “Our task is not only to fill in the creation of the site, the business program of the event, but also to strengthen it with new trends in world cooperation in the multipolar world.
“We have reason to hope that the future forum will become significant in this sense. Representatives of the Government of South Africa, the diplomatic missions of the BRICS countries, already 17 African countries, have already announced their participation at the level of ministers, as well as representatives of business structures, cultural and sports of the BRICS countries and the African continent. ” Larisa Zelentsova, President of the International Strategic Project Alliance BRICS
The main tracks of the forum: sea business, healthcare, education, culture and sports. The conference will be affected by the following topics that are relevant in the countries of BRICS and Africa: nuclear medicine, telemedicine, energy, transport (railways, air and sea transportation), medical equipment, pharmaceutical products and medical treatment, food safety, business, sports and sports, sports and drugs. Culture, banking and foreign exchange transactions, education, tourism (business, wellness, sports), big data analytics in social networks.
“South Africa and Africa as a whole provide ample opportunities for investment and development of cooperation in various fields. It is no coincidence that the forum program is so extensive: it includes both presentations of business and socially oriented projects in various fields, as well as a cultural program, sports, a large number of meetings and “round tables”. Russia has announced integration projects of interstate significance in various fields to the forum. A separate part of the program is devoted to business management in the BRICS countries. In addition, in the framework of the forum program, a performance of the Symphony Orchestra BRICS is planned on the basis of the Direbanese Symphony Orchestra with the participation of musicians from the countries participating in the BRICS association: Russia, Brazil, India, China under the leadership of the Russian conductor. ” Larisa Zelentsova, President of the International Strategic Project Alliance BRICS
The International Forum Sarucox-Brics Alliance 2022 marks the beginning of a new stage of international integration and cooperation based on multipolar and equal rights.
“BRICS, as a phenomenon of international politics, is an idea. It is the idea that mobilizing intelligence, the will and spirit of a person that is capable, even with a minimum of resources, to global achievements. BRICS does not just exist - it is in the stage of active development and growth. Five countries located on different continents with different history, culture, trajectories of socio-political and economic development have united by the interest of work on a positive agenda, in the direction of improving the quality of life of the peoples that inhabit them. And the implementation of projects, including major international events, the BRICS alliance serves as a real proof of the vitality of such a position, strengthens the trust in other states and peoples. ” Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sherpa of the Russian Federation in BRICS Information support for the event is provided by international television network TV Brics.
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