Different cultures - one pursuit

On November 15, the forum "Two Powers - One Way" was held to discuss the prospects of relations between the two countries in terms of culture and sports. It was due to the fact that the President of Russia declared the coming year the "Year of Sport". The problem of geopolitical character was not left without attention, because the ongoing civilization restructuring, although painful, is based on the desire of peoples for peace through respect, mutual understanding, trust and equal cooperation of people of different cultures. Realization of these principles through sport and art is not accidental as it leads to the rapprochement of peoples, taking into account the experience of ancestors, live conversation through the past and establishment of contacts in the present and future.

The Forum was organized by the Interregional Public Organization "Confucianism Connoisseurs", Almazov Brothers Gallery with the support of the Commission on Public Security and Diplomacy under the Government of Moscow, as well as the organization "Union of Gagauz" and the Association of Non-Profit Educational Organizations of Regions of Russia.

Interesting and promising for realization proposals and ideas were voiced. One of the expected guests was the representative of Shaolin in Russia - she shared her plans for the development of the representative office and active cooperation with other countries in the field of sports and culture.

Larisa Zelentsova, the President of "IASP BRICS", also took part in the round table forum. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of joint interaction, development and synergy of the work of the Alliance member countries to achieve the set goals.

Ivan Mechishev, member of the board of directors of the ANO "Generation of Winners" also shared his vision of this cooperation. In his report he mentioned that Western promotional systems, which call for spectacularly "knocking out" the opponent, differ from the philosophy of martial arts of the East, where the best fight is the one that did not even take place. And in this respect, the East echoes the traditional attitude to the offender in Russia, "don't beat a man lying down". Ivan Mechishev sees the general task as "to prevent children from wanting to see their fighting abilities as a machine for inflicting maximum damage to a person for the amusement of spectators for money. On the contrary, emphasis should be placed on the education of the principles of "protect the defenseless and support the weak".

The BRICS members support this initiative and one of the goals for its realization will be:

- Facilitating the exchange of athletes and cultural representatives
- Enriching the sporting and cultural diversity of the five BRICS member-states
- Investing in specialized sports expertise, technical support and event organization
- Encouraging new talents
- Spreading the idea of the creative nature of martial arts aimed at the priority values of the state, protection of rights and freedoms, justice and human dignity

The development of sports diplomacy between the BRICS member countries and beyond is one of the trends of the coming year, which will serve as a mechanism for bringing peoples closer together through the language of national cultures and folk traditions. By joining efforts, the goals will be achieved, and friendship between peoples will help overcome geopolitical problems and bring relations to a new, global level!
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