Algeria in Brix

Special Supervisor of the Foreign Ministry of Zaruki: Algeria filed an official application for joining the BRICS group.
As the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Ryabkov specified in September, a dozen countries in one form or another expressed interest in joining Brix. He noted that the leaders of the states included in the association were instructed to develop a procedure for adopting new members. At the same time, Ryabkov emphasized that Moscow welcomes the prospect of expanding the block, but you should not wait for quick decisions.
At the end of June, Iran’s Foreign Ministry reported that Tehran applied to the BRICS membership, Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, spoke about his intention to join the block. The head of the Department of International Economic Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lee Kasin specified that there are several countries that “knock on the door” of the association: Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Argentina.
The president of the South African Republic, Siril Ramafos, also spoke about Er-Riyad’s intention to join Brix after a visit to the Middle Eastern Kingdom. This initiative was supported in Moscow and Beijing.
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