International Sports Development Center BRICS

The creation of such a center will ensure the development of sports cooperation in the space of the BRICS and friendly states, which is one of the priority areas of work of the BRICS international strategic alliance.
Sports events are the most important tool for positive interaction and cooperation between states, societies, people and determine the filling of these relations with real fruitful content.
The center will be based on world-class sports facilities in Yekaterinburg, Sochi and Moscow.
Against the background of the removal of our athletes from participating in many international tournaments, the creation of the International Sports Development Center will allow not only to overcome existing contradictions, but will also ensure the possibility of athletes participation in the competitions of a new format, based on the principles of reliability, impartiality, fair judging, in the absence of factors of discrimination of political or other motives.
The development center will also allow athletes on an ongoing basis to exchange experience, conduct master classes, implement other forms of interaction, which will promote relations between the BRICS countries and other friendly states.
The development of sports cooperation in the BRICS space remains one of the priority areas of work of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation ...
... I am very glad that among the initiatives of the international alliance of strategic projects BRICS, a sports agenda appeared ...
... I expect that the launch of the intellectual and sports game “Fatum” will give a new impetus to strategic interaction at the Brix site. ” April 12, 2021
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