Catari Day in Moscow

On December 6, when the last quarter -finalists of the World Cup were determined in Qatar, a reception on the occasion of the national day of the state of Qatar took place in the banquet hall of the Metropol Hotel.
On the occasion of the national day of the state of the Catar, the Ambassador to Russia Sheikh Ahmed Ben Neser Al Tanya organized a reception that was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps of friendly Qatar and Russia, as well as many Russian politicians and businessmen who have close contacts with the master of the World Cup now.
Now the attention of the whole world has been riveted to Qatar. In this small Middle Eastern state, located in the Persian Gulf, the main sporting event of the year is the main thing for all football fans. And despite the fact that for well -known reasons there are no Russian national football team in Qatar, the Qatar state is trying to share the holiday of football with its friends in Russia.
Friendly relations between the two countries that are based on the general understanding of traditional values, mutual respect for national interests and growing activity in the business sphere, allow Russia and Qatar to move in the direction of more and more close cooperation. Including in the sports field.
Back in 2018, our countries entered into a cooperation agreement, including in the field of security and in the organizational sphere, which helped Katar to benefit from the successful experience of Russia in the organization of the mundial.
At the reception of the ambassador of Qatar in Russia, Sheikh Ahmed Ben Nasera Al Tanya at the Metropol Hotel, all those present were able to get acquainted with the culture, cuisine and traditions of Qatar in a warm and laid -back atmosphere, to find out how important the event for this state was the World Cup, to the World Cup, to To whom not only new stadiums, roads, metro lines and modern infrastructure were reconstructed and built in the country, but also the whole city - Lusail.
The national team of Qatar has already completed its performances at the home championship, and therefore most of the metropolis at the reception at the metropolis hotel with solidarity with the Arab country was on the 1/8 finals against Spain at the Use. In this game, it came to the post -match penalties, where the Moroccans struck the gates of the Spaniards three times, the same, in turn, could never distinguish themselves, and as a result they gave way to the quarterfinals to their rival from the African continent, which caused a storm of delight not only among representatives of the diplomatic corps From Africa and the Middle East, but also in most present. Bright end of the evening!
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